Who would have thought that this would be me telling you that I got roofied in Laramie, Wyoming? Certainly not I.
It happened on a Thursday night. I was at my favorite bar, Front Street, with some friends, having a few drinks. I felt safe there and left my drink on the table while I went to smoke. My friends got fresh drinks and used the restroom. At some point in all of our shuffling around, two of our drinks got spiked with one of them being mine. I had a Moscow Mule in a copper cup and her drink was dark so neither of us noticed anything.

After a period of time (I am not sure how long, as my night is pretty jumbled), I became uncharacteristically comfortable. I am a very self-conscious person, and I remember thinking that it was a little weird that I was not second-guessing everything I said. Soon, I started liking everyone around me and everything was funny. Things got fuzzy and warm and happy. I still had reservations and knew that something wasn’t quite right. Thinking that I had had too much to alcohol, I did not finish my third drink.
Luckily, someone was coming to meet the other person and we both ended up crashing at his place. I have black spots throughout the night. I remember agreeing to sleep over at the guy’s house so that I was safe but I do not remember getting there. My friend is pretty tiny and was hit a lot harder. She threw up for hours and did not feel okay for a few days.
I had an exam the next day and because I was not willing to speak to the police, I did not get it excused through the university. I don’t even remember the questions on the exam. I found out after this happened that it is happening all over town. This is so despicable. I do not understand why someone would want to do this to another person. I feel violated and angry. Front Street has always been my safe bar in so many ways. This can, and will, happen anywhere, in any bar and at any party. Know how to protect yourself. Keep yourself safe.

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