Official Citation for Meg Lanker-Simons

Official Citation for Meg Lanker-Simons

The official citation, courtesy of the Albany County Circuit Court.

[Upon receiving multiple requests, we edited the suspect's address and phone number out of the citation.]

7 Responses to Official Citation for Meg Lanker-Simons

  1. Guys, I am all for getting this information out–however, could you block out her address? I really don’t think it is ethical to post that knowing there are angry mobs out there.

  2. I agree with Maggie, let’s block her address!

  3. This is public information; it is unedited from its form as received from the Albany County Circuit Court, meaning anyone can request a copy of this information. Her address will also be featured in the police blotter, so it’s a moot point.

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  5. A Concerned Patriot

    For shame. Bowing to reactionary and misguided calls for privacy. As you, yourself, said: this is a matter of public record. I do not understand the utility of succumbing to such demands.

  6. A Concerned Patriot

    I just got to the relevant part of the editorial explanation. And understand the (misguided) purpose now. Feel free to delete these posts.

  7. Laramie Police has a blotter? Where is it? Out of curiosity since I’ve never been able to get details on things that go on with those fabulous police officers.

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